Dominik Vaillant (DE)

With his move to Berlin, he also started his first live project, "Stromtherapie". Shortly they had first vinyl & cd releases with local labels. The next big step was in 2009/10, his first release under his own name " Domink Vaillant" on Delayed-Rec/France, Straight Music/France. Further releases with labels such as "style rockets", "k:lender recordings berlin" and "Das Ohr Digital" were all successful and lead to many Live and DJ performances. His releases as well as his remixes became very successful. The upcoming year looks very promising. Currently, Dominik decided to start his own Label "Analogue Audio" and he is working on his Album which will feature a unique sound, with impulsive basses and a groovy sound; the typical undeniable Dominik flair.
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