D'Marc Cantu (US)

DMC started working on Jakbeat and Acid House in late 2000. Using both modern editing techniques and classic drum machines/synths he was able to recreate the sound that he loved. Although rarely playing live when he does it is a House purists dream as he stays true to the history of House using classic drum machines with a modern feel. After creating an array of tracks he got the attention of luminary DJ/Producers Traxx, Todd Osborne and James T Cotton (JTC). In 2005 D’marc and JTC created 2Am/Fm producing such tracks as Acid Planes and Sweatbox on Ghostly International’s sister label Spectral. 2006 he teamed up with Traxx & JTC to create X2 which produced one of the last BEST releases on Relief Records from Chicago. In 2007 he continued to produce projects that presented new ideas for other labels like MOS and Crème Organization. D’marc Cantu is best known for producing the tweaked beat track No Control on a release for Crème Jak, and Zeta 1 for Relief which was featured on the Sessions Cajmere vs. Green Velvet – 2xCD – Ministry Of Sound – 2006. Somewhere in a not so distant future D’marc has a full-length album dropping with his interpretations of Jakbeat to sonically push the boundries in a wider perspective to creative emotion including the next release coming on the next Nation Future Elektronix EP called ‘Its My Body’ plus ‘The Theme’ for the label which will be a 1 sided record with The logo etched on the backside. Look for him to drop numerous hits as he continues to push the Jakbeat sound to new levels.
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