Deep Rooted Soul (MY)

Andrew Foley aka Deep Rooted Soul is an ol'skool/nu skool Amsterdam DJ who describes his sound as music that comes with a very special “attitude”, and if there is one quality it has to be sincerity. From the heart, and as always of lasting and abiding cultural value. Foley grew up in a musical household. His grandfather played the saxophone while Foley learned how to play the guitar as a kid and his father passed on the love of vinyl. Most fathers wouldn’t allow their 5 year old to come within 3 feet of the needle, but not Foley’s father. From this early age he learnt the delicate touch of playing records and his appreciation for vinyl grew from there. His first record was “Exile on Main Street” from The Rolling Stones and even still today the band holds a special place in his heart. While other kids at the age of 5 were listening to nursery rhyme records, Foley was already building the basis of his collection and life long love of music. Now he fills the shelves of his Amsterdam home with thousands of records and takes great pride in the art of digging. By the time Foley was attending school he was already creating compilation tapes. So when you ask Foley how long he’s been playing music, he could say, almost as long as he’s been alive. With a solid musical knowledge and a decent collection, as a teen he got his hands on the decks. Inspired by Jazz and soul musicians Donald Byrd, Eddie Kendricks, Willie Hutch, Roy Ayers. Bands such as The Meters, The Ohio Players and The Blackbyrds, and DJ'S and producers like DJ Premier, Marley Marl, Spinna, Jazzy Jeff and MAW (Masters at Work). In the early '00 Foley became the resident DJ for Da Bounce Comedy Nights. Holland’s biggest international comedy event with comedians from the U.S., known from Saturday Night Live, HBO Comedy, Def Comedy Jam among others, of which he’s been doing for the past years, taking in a few laughs along the way. In that same period of time Foley began getting on festival line-ups and events in Amsterdam. Foley also enjoys organizing his own events, holding Sugahill Strictly OldSkool on the Supperclub Cruise, Escape Studio, The Mansion, and more recently Club Soul. You may have also seen him at the clubs in and around Amsterdam and this summer you can catch him at the Open Air Festival with Africa's Epic Sound. Whether he’s playing in an intimate club or before thousands of festival go-ers, he loves getting the crowd going. In a saturated scene full of top 20 downloads, Andrew Foley is unique. Foley is not solely playing hit records, but his ear for good music that rocks a crowd. Keeping the art alive and keeping true to his style.
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