Dany Rodriguez (BE)

At that time, Dany was a guitarist and he became acquainted with a brand new technology. An analogic sound that makes him want to access the electonic music circles. Around the year 2000, he started to produce music with the technological resources that existed at that time : For instance, Atari sequencer, Juno 106, Korg monopoly and Drummachine. As he plays his first tracks, he realises that the most important thing is how the dance floors react as well as the emotions he feels. The digital technologies and softwares have now a crucial place in the world of Dany and his way of apprehending music in studio is different. Indeed, . This involves certainly a more reflective music and a more abundant content Dany Rodriguez s productions have been played by many artists around the world Dany rodriguez s driving force will always be his family and his passion for music
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