Danny Dior (NL)

Danny Dior is an international DJ, producer and sound design pioneer. His unique vision of electronic music, combined with his talent, dynamism and experimental projects have acted as a springboard, propelling him to the forefront of electronic Music. It all started in the 90s, Amsterdam, Danny Dior devoted his life to electronic music with his attention to detail and more evident with each new track he played or produced. He has been playing and producing for more than 20 years. He has extensive production experience in house, tech house and minimal. His style is unique, playing a sophistication of sounds and mixing genres that make the crowds dance with passion and depth. Danny is more than just a DJ; as a producer he also entertains, enthuses and ignites his audiences. Danny has worked with industry such as Hed Kandi, Niteworks Recordings, RTV Productions like The Summer Of MTV, Cineteca National, Kswiss and many more. With more than 13 years of production and entertainment experience in dance clubs, events, radio and TV, Danny has honed his ability to match musical, commercial and vocal talents with any type of given event. Danny Dior is currently establishing a new label, Naná Records, launched in sept 2010, which will be the instrument that will allow him to explore and push the boundaries of house music in it’s various forms: minimal, deep house and tech house as his form. Releases on: 38db Tonsportgruppe, 76 Recordings, Blaq Records, BIT Records Mexico, Eintakt, Hed Kandi, Minimo Records, Minimatracx, Mucho Groove Records, Musictracx Recordings, Nana Rec, Niteworks Recordings, OnePush Recordings, Peanut Musik, Sheeva Recordings, Steal My Oil Records, Tall House Digital, Trenton, We Are Here Records, Worldwide Exclusive, Xela Digital, Yellowjax Recordings
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