Daan Archer (NL)

Speaker (Copyright Delta)

CEO and Co-founder of Copyright Delta.

Back in the summer of 2016 Daan got pulled into the music industry when he was asked to lead the Technical Working groups of the Open Music Initiative (OMI) in Boston created by the Berklee College of Music, IDEO and the MIT Media Lab. There he aligned 200+ companies in the US music industry to agree on which data to be exchanged to solve the many royalty gaps.

In addition he has 25 years experience in software development & architectures (10 years artificial intelligence & machine learning, 5 years data analytics, 5 years blockchain technologies). He also worked 5 years as a Dutch technology diplomat in Japan. Former MIT Sloan Fellow focused on system dynamics for data sovereign ecosystems.

Copyright Delta has built a Layer0 banking blockchain for media rights and assets focused on Web3 distribution, tokenized management and royalty forensics. All data sovereign. Our close (funding) partners include Corda/R3, NEAR, Avalanche and multiple DJ-labels. Early sponsors are Azure, AWS and Swarm. Team consists of 15+ experts in tech, music and legal.

Lifelong skateboarder.

Born in Capetown, raised in Eindhoven, and lived many years in Amsterdam, Dublin, Tokyo and Boston.

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