C.Robert Walker (US)

C. Robert Walker is called the singer… He can flow from Soul to Jazz to RnB to House, with a seductive ease and before you know it, you are in it, and he is in you…..Writing the lyrics, creating the melody and harmonies plus doing all the backing vocals….He has been called the complete singer Roberts career starts early in music by playing five instruments and also singer in choirs throughout high school and College.. Became lead singer and songwriter of group "Men With Style" and writes the hit single "Love is Like That" which was released on the Blue Flame Record Label in Germany . Song becomes a hit in America and Europe The Group was on its way for certain stardom having been invited to preform all over New York and Atlantic City New Jersey and throughout Europe but as groups sometime due they broke up. After some personnel problems he returned to the music by putting himself into doing Musicals in Europe. In Antwerpen Belgium he does acting and singing in the Musical "Soul Baby June" and In the Amsterdam Neatherland The Musicals RESPECT and "It Takes Two". While in Europe Robert teams up with "Syndicate Of Law" for single "Early In The Morning". The next project was with the DJ producer Junior Jack (E-People "We Loved") released by Scorpio Records out of France. Robert then wrote a single for Junior Jacks Room 5 album called "Hey Girl". The next thing was a collaboration with Jocelyn Brown and Junior Jack for single "Hold me Up" . Robert then teams up with "Jazz/Lounge Group "Gard Du Nord" for single "Sold My Soul".
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