Brass Rave Unit (NL)

KAUW & Brass Rave Unit are two trios that make forays into electronic dance music, going boldly where no DJ-act has gone before. With the longevity, sleek synths and steady builds of Kauw and the brass knuckle punches of Brass Rave Unit these two acts will team up for a one-off tribute set to the Golden Era of Dance Music, long before the oppressive dominance of techno and minimal house; when the chords sought to lift people up, anthems where meant to be sung along with and people raved with a big smile. Join Kauw and Brass Rave Unit as they celebrate the revival of the late 90's and early 00's with an action packed playlist. Brass Rave Unit & Kauw present an energetic throwback to the golden era of house and rave music from the ‘90s.
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