BHQP Music has no frontiers and the international duet founded by Chinese DJ pioneer BEN HUANG and French saxophonist, composer and producer QUENTIN PAQUIGNON, is probably its best illustration. Eclecticism is the common DNA of this two artists: both dancers, musicians, one photographer, the other one painter, BHQP doesn't root its inspiration only from music. Rooted on multicultural backgrounds, the main goal of BHQP is to share its passion for life through music with a worldwide audience. Each live set performed in a club or festival, is always the perfect occasion for BEN HUANG and QUENTIN PAQUIGNON to create new emotional bounds with music lovers. From funk, jazz, house deep groove to minimal techno, BHQP doesn’t lock itself into one music style, the duet love to surprise its audience. Working on its own tracks BHQP will have the great pleasure to release its original work in 2018 during its upcoming European Tour.
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