Beau Zwart (NL)

Beau Zwart had a early introduction to music, learning classical piano throughout his childhood. Amazed by the complexity and possibilities of the works of classical composers he started to write his own music. At first he composed music on and for his piano and in the orchestra he used to play in, which has developed musically in a more jazz oriented range, combined with warm electronics. He began performing his music in live- and DJ sets in Rotterdam. His DJ sets are a mix of own productions with a diverse selection of soulful disco, house, funk and broken beats.Storytelling and layered songs are a common theme in his performances and he likes to cross the border between complexity and accessibility Beside dance related productions Beau does composition for film and media, with his first feature length score for “Independent Boy” (selected for IDFA 2017) and a television series for VPRO. He incorporates melancholic analog synthesizers into his compositions and sound design in a way that’s unconventional in film music. Beau’s debut EP ‘Shadows in my Mind EP’ on Midnight Riot’s ISM records is released in February 2018. He graduated his bachelor of music technology at the HKU in 2019 and is currently working on follow up EP’s and two feature length documentaires.
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