Bart Thimbles (NL)

DJ Bart Thimbles has been one of the true influencers in the Dutch DJ scene for over 20 years. In clubs all over the country, at corporate events and at festivals, he seamlessly combines a multitude of genres: from jazzy moods and cinematic lounge to old and new skool disco or funk. From soulful deep house to exciting latin grooves. Always with a sharp eye on the floor. It’s as if he senses, by just watching the crowd, what he needs to give them next. To match the mood, or to get the ball rolling. If you had to name a clear distinguishing feature for this DJ, it would be his strong empathy for the crowd. Thimbles has played from club gigs deep in the heart of the Amsterdam nightlife to movie premieres, gala’s, high end weddings and exclusive private parties for the 'rich & famous', corporate events for Heineken, Tiffany & Co, Nespresso, Rabobank, Samsung, Jaguar and Tommy Hilfiger, to name only a few. In the Netherlands, in London, Beirut, Rome, Barcelona and Dubai, but also in America, Curacao, Budapest, Thailand and Malaysia.
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