ALICE-D, DJ name of Alice Olsthoorn, is one of the newest upcoming DJ’s. Alice is an influencer, musician, and one of the most requested DJs at the moment. Her pop beats will get every party started and her music will pull you in to dance the night away. Get ready to meet ALICE-D.

Alice gained popularity as a musician through viral hits like "Fackboy", "Clownerij’’, and won"Best Newcomer" at The Best Social Awards. Since then she took a more serious turn with her music. Her music as a singer is inspired by the "hyperpop" genre, made popular by Charli XCX, but with a dutch twist. On her latest release "Transtopia" she tells stories about her experiences as a trans person in the media world. She draws inspiration from the pop scene for her DJ sets and is a true icon of the LGBTQ+ community.

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