Airmow (FR)

Antonin Lemiere starts the project "TechnixBeatz" in August 2015 with the opening of his Youtube channel "TechnixBeatz" which will become "AIRMOW" Very quickly, with about a rhythm of one instru per week, the project gains in visibility. The instru "TechnixBeatz" are quickly known including a community channel or one of its instrus has more than 1 million views However, the production of instrus (beatmaking) tires him quickly because he feels limited in his creation. The AIRMOW project is launched at the end of 2016, here the style of the artist is more oriented "Electro". AIRMOW releases its first song "Sundrop" on Soundcloud. In search of his style, AIRMOW then released several other titles like "Out of my mind" or "Birdsong" (supported by Thomas Hayden). In February 2016, Airmow signs her first song "Miss You" in collaboration with John Wolf and Nora Suknaic at "Imminent Network" which has more than 70,000 plays on Soundcloud. Highly motivated by this first signature, AIRMOW continues to produce songs including many remixes. But it comes out very little on soundcloud. After several meetings and a lot of work, AIRMOW finally finds his style more oriented "chill & future bass". Inspired by artists such as Flume or Louis Futon, AIRMOW released its first "TRUE" song at the English label "Tuvali": "Nothing To Loose" in collaboration with "SHADOWKEY" (who wrote the lyrics) and "Chelsea Paige" ( the singer) . The piece is quickly put forward by the label: IT now has nearly 250 000 plays on Youtube and has been played twice on the BBC Radio Music Introducing. He signed a little later in an agency "TribudeNuit" very interested in his profile as an artist. Very motivated, AIRMOW chain then the "release" with remixes like the VERITE-SAINT remix (which has success on Soundcloud since the piece has more than 60 000 plays and which has been supported by many other artists such as "The Chainsmokers ") or a cover of" Marshmello - Silence "(which has over 40,000 plays on Spotify) AIRMOW then released his song "Big City Life" with the singer "Tyve" he signed at the Dutch label "Chill Planet" (very recognized label in the style Chill, Future Bass since it has more than 100,000 followers and is followed by many DJs like "Martin Garrix", "Snavs"). Upon its release, in February 2018, this title is quickly rested and supported by many other artists like The chainsmokers, Showtek, Merk & Kremont, Brooks, Snavs, Shaun Frank etc .... Many songs are coming (signed pieces, finished pieces but not yet signed, and songs missing a singer) including the title "U know" in collaboration with Sam Koxx and Tyve who is very funky and had very good feedback from many artists such as Offenbach or RetroVision
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