Admnti (GB)


Weaving through sound and piecing together styles throughout the aural journey, ADMNTi has established himself as one of the tastemakers of his generation. FUSE and its offshoot INFUSE, Half Baked and Beeyou are some of the brands he has been known to frequent in the city he calls home. He also spreads his wings further afield, playing at institutions such as Club Der Visionäre, MiNT Club and Motion to name a few.

His strong London roots have unquestionably influenced his sound and contributed to the driving force behind his output. This impact is particularly present when listening through his back catalogue - containing many well-received releases through the years - which gained the support of many connoisseur’s of the scene including Petre Inspirescu, Fumiya Tanaka, Enzo Siragusa, Raresh and Voigtmann. In addition to the known works, there have also been some secret tracks under other pseudonyms, which have also turned heads…

Be it setting the tone in one of his immersive warm-up sets, in full swing at the pinnacle of energy in the night, or creating more forward-thinking music for the dancefloor, his work and input into electronic music is here indefinitely

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