Addo (RO)

Looking back at his past, Addo has been part of the underground culture in Romania for over 9 years now, growing improving and making music for everybody that had an ear for it. Along with his best friend Bazix also a known Dj from Romania, they were pushed from behind by the sound of good music and they started collecting vinyl’s. It didn’t matter if they were old, new or second hand, they wanted to be in touch with the good vibes of drum and bass that were knocking on the eastern borders. Drum and Bass music in the early 2000s was at a young age so it was very easy for them to start a small concept in their home town and in a short time they reached their goal. In 2005 they put together the bases of a concept called Bamse crew, which involved gigs in their hometown mostly in old locations where people could feel the music such as the Old Fortress of Targu Mures and also one of the most famous club of that time Avi-Cola. Meanwhile they started touring the city and have taken part in most of the famous festivals in Romania such as 48H anonimTM, Peninsula Festival, TMBase, where their mixing skills were appreciated by many In 2009 Addo seeing where the DnB music was headed he thought it was time for change so he decided to do a BPM and groove switch. He decided to go with house music along with all its subgenres because he felt it was a more open area to express himself and the type of music made him and the people connect with each other. Meanwhile his attention was distracted by Logic Pro, which he got fond of and since then he started producing real good house music. Until 2012 he has been part of many festivals where he had the opportunity to express himself by mixing house music with a certain groove or how he likes to call it “I like the people to feel like they are listening to carnival music so it gets them in a good mood and at the end of the night they all leave home with a smile on their faces”. His view on the music industry today is that regardless of the BPM and the style of music, each sound must have a taste of funk or groove to it and this way the music that is transmitted through the speakers enables the listeners to free themselves on the dance floor and express themselves in any way they want. Addo is influenced by artists that are part of big labels like, Cadenza, Crosstown Rebels, Hot Creations, Innervision, Life and Death and Desolat. He is a renowned DJ in his home country of Romania but he is not shy of fame outside the borders of Romania. He played in several big cities around Europe, where people were able to listen to his story and by the end of the night everybody went home pleased with what they heard. He already played in countries such as: Germany, The Netherlands, Spain and of course Romania. His style now is based on FRESH and GROOVY HOUSE MUSIC with TECH and DEEP influences. Since he moved to Spain his music emits sunshine and good vibes exactly what people are searching at a good party. He recently came back from Romania where he had gigs in several cities. He already begun producing for a couple of years, but now being back in Spain he started producing summer vibe music and with the change of climate his inspiration is running freely.
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