Ab Garcia (ES)

Yound Dj and productor from Madrid with a passion for music since he was a child, beginning with conservatory to from his musical basis. At the short age of 14 he begins to be interested by the electronic music scene and he makes his first steps as a Dj at 16 mixing frequently in small clubs from Madrid. 4 years later he feels attracted by production and decides to study a sound engineering degree in wich he adquires general kwoledge about audio, complementing it 1 year later with digital production. Since then his carrer does not stop growing up. He has make multiple productions and remixes making himself been released in the musical scene. He has visited as a guest Dj the leading clubs and sessions from the capital such as: PALACE, DELIGHT, ANANDA, LA RIVIERA, HIT, L'INFERNO, FABRIK, SUPERMARTXE... where he has delighted the public from Madrid night scene. In this last two years AB has experienced a big change in his career working from SuperMartXe. Either with SuperMartXe's world tour or by his own, playing in great clubs from Spain and from all over the world
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