A La Shook (NL)

With degrees in Audio Engineering, a Master of Music in composition and a Bachelor of Music in Sonology, Jesse Koolhaas has a large array of experience within the audio domain, ranging from music composition, to sound design, recording and mixing. In 2007 Jesse graduated a Master of Music at the Music Technology department of the HKU in Hilversum, where he mainly focused on music and sound design for image. Since then he has been working as a fulltime professional focusing on a large variety of styles and genres. From music for commercial projects for clients like Nike and McDonald's, to abstract work for audiovisual installations and modern dance. In 2005 Jesse Koolhaas graduated at the Sonology department of the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. Here he focused on different aspects of abstract electronic composition and acquired his Bachelor of Music by writing a thesis on relevant techniques for combining sound and image. In his final project he collaborated with a student of the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, Orpheu de Jong, in an attempt to create a composition of sound and image, where both medias are equally relevant. This project was awarded the Rietveld Award in 2005. In 2006 he won The European Film Music Award in the category 'Special Recognition' at The Soundtrack Festival Cologne together with sound designer Ronnie van der Veer and in 2008 he won 2nd prize at the Vinylized Dance Music Competition. In this year he also released the EP Salted Sessions under his artist name A la Shook, in collaboration with keyboard player Joost Swart and drummer Bjørn Waling. Jesse has worked on big ad campaign for companies like Massive Music and Sizzer in the past and is currently more focused on working directly for clients. From 2007-2009 Jesse was a board member of the Music Institute for Multimedia (MiMM), also he has been a member of the Unheard Film Festival Organisation since 2006.
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