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ADE Dance & Brands Conference Program

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The electronic scene offers multiple opportunities for brands to engage with a huge global audience. But without authenticity, passion and credibility you have a zero sum game.

A taste of our program

These are the big questions:

What do brands want from music artists?
What do artists need to understand about consumer brands? 
How can artists introduce their kind of creativity to a campaign?
What is a truly great artist/brand collab and how do you make it happen?
Who decides what’s right/wrong when ideas are dripping from the walls?
What is the art of subtle persuasion and where does music sit in it?
How do you persuade a brand that your ideas will make it shine?
What do brands need that only music can give? 

These and other burning issues sit at the core of Dance & Brands.
If you want the answers you know where you have to be.

ADE Dance & Brands is a collaboration between the Amsterdam Dance Event and First Day of Spring. Tickets for the one-day program are priced at €95 and available here.
Join ADE Dance & Brands 2017 on Friday, October 20th, from 10.00 am – 18.00 pm at DeLaMar Theater.
ADE Dance & Brands Conference Program

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Ten reasons to visit ADE Dance & Brands

The highly focused one-day event at DeLaMar on ADE's Friday is the place where the realities of a fruitful relationship between music acts and consumer brands takes centre stage.
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