ADE Pro 19/20/21/22 Oct

ADE’s main conference takes place at the Felix Meritis and The Dylan Hotel. Every year it attracts thousands of delegates from all over the world as they come together to network, share their experiences and do business.

ADE Beamlab

ADE Beamlab 19 Oct

ADE Beamlab is dedicated to visual technologies and high-end stage design. Featuring keynote presentations by leading stage designers, live video operators, motion graphic designers and visual artists.

ADE Beats

ADE Beats 21 Oct

The ADE conference on hip-hop, bass and beats. These crucial elements of electronic music now have a strong, entirely dedicated position within the ADE program. ADE Beats will function as an international platform for the hip-hop, bass and beats industry.

ADE Dance & Brands

ADE Dance & Brands 20 Oct

The ADE conference dedicated to connecting brands with the electronic music scene. Presented by First Day of Spring, BBP Media and MarketingTribune, the event empowers marketing professionals and connects them to fellow brand experts.

ADE Green

ADE Green 19 Oct

The ADE conference focused on sustainability and how to implement socially responsible practices in your business. Presented by ID&T and ADE the program features inspiring stories on how to integrate these practices into businesses and festivals.

ADE Next

ADE Next 22 Oct

ADE's talent platform offers a broad program for next-generation producers and DJs, featuring big name producers, top DJs and leading music industry professionals including managers, talent scouts and booking agents from around the globe.

ADE Sound Lab

ADE Sound Lab 20/21/22 Oct

ADE Sound Lab is a multi-day program covering everything about sound, where sound synthesis, audiovisual art and innovative ways to produce sound are shared, demonstrated, discussed and developed. The program includes artist and engineer talks, synth-building workshops, audiovisual art installations and live performances.

ADE University

ADE University 19/20/21 Oct

The ADE program that aims to inspire and educate students and young music industry professionals. ADE University offers a unique program full of interactive discussions, lectures and Q&A’s, creating a big opportunity for future music professionals to exchange ideas with top professionals from the EDM industry.

Hard Dance Event

Hard Dance Event 20 Oct

The ADE conference that connects professionals involved in the harder styles of dance music. HDE provides opportunities to make sense of the current state of hard dance and implement collective visions for the future.