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What Every Artist Needs To Know: Contracts

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16:30 - 17:30
DeLaMar Theater (D4 Panel Room) | Marnixstraat 402, Amsterdam

Contracts are usually long and hard to understand, but that is because they have to comprehensively describe all creative aspects and financial possibilities that a typical artist career might include. That way, both sides understand their respective positions according to the clauses in the contract. But sometimes it just isn't that clean-cut or straightforward, and artists can end up signing away income that should rightfully be theirs, but which ends up making the label or publisher or agent or manager disproportionately richer. How does that happen and what do you need to look out for? Who can you really trust when potentially large amounts of money are involved? Our panel of experts will discuss the implications for the wider industry of the legal decision over the recent Martin Garrix court case.

Oktay Düzgün (Düzgün & De Roos Advocaten, NL)
Attorneys at law and Tax Advisors

Jurriaan Zee (Düzgün & De Roos Advocaten, NL)
Attorneys at Law and Tax Advisors

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