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Unlocking Engagement: How Experience Fuels Responsibility Presented by Q-Dance

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11:15 - 12:15
DeLaMar Theater (D5 Panel Room) | Marnixstraat 402, Amsterdam

Music festivals are all about having fun, and within the boundaries of the festival perimeter, the opportunities to entertain people are endless. And that’s what they expect: to be surprised and entertained, to have a magical experience that is as much about sharing with friends and through social media as it is about their own experience. But what if you can give your audience a good time and also engage them in creating a better  world? How can you enthuse the crowd about participating in social and sustainable actions during the festival, but also then beyond the event and in their everyday lives?    This panel will discuss two initiatives, 10,000 HOURS and ECO coin,  both of which have successfully engaged the audience of various festivals to make a difference when it comes to social and sustainable change and to find creative ways to help people participate.       Teresa Moore, director from A Greener Festival and a researcher in the field of audience attitudes and behaviour, will offer some examples of successful outreach projects and give insight into her research about behavioural change at events.    10,000 HOURS   The 10,000 HOURS foundation  promotes voluntary work amongst festival and event goers from all over the world.  Together with festivals, DJ’s and  artists, this  social enterprise  organises volunteer projects  that benefit people who  normally wouldn’t easily  get in touch with  the young festival crowd, including children, the elderly and people with a physical disability.  At festivals, 10,000 HOURS  informs the audience about local challenges, so that crowd members can voluntarily donate  their  time to be part of the solution, enabling visitors to festivals to contribute to meaningful projects.   Together with its volunteers, 10,000 HOURS has already donated more than 35,000 hours of voluntary work.      ECO coin   The ECO coin is a digital currency that positively rewards people who are actively contributing to a more sustainable world. It is a bottom-up approach that's designed to work on both a community and global level. Currently ECO coin is experimenting with communities to bring the ECO coin into reality, with their first living labs being held at DGTL and Welcome to the Village festival this year. 50,000 festival goers have been able to earn ECOs by carrying out sustainable actions and could spend this hard earned money on green products like exclusive music tracks, access to a secret club or even tasting an insect burger.

Lewis Just (ECO coin, GB)
Project Lead

Nienke Bassle (10,000 HOURS, NL)
General Manager

Teresa Moore (A Greener Festival, GB)

Moderator: Ynzo van Zanten (Tony’s Chocolonely, NL)
Chief Evangelist and Head of People & Culture

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