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Corridor Project Space Presents:

The Future of Solidarity: Live DJ Performance by David Hasert

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19:30 - 23:00 | € 2,50 | ADE Card: Free entrance
Corridor Project Space | Veemkade 574, Amsterdam

On 21st October DJ David Hasert will perform live in the project space. In this new act, a three-hour set of his own production will be performed live. The exhibition will also be on show.

David Hasert is one of the collaborating artists on the project Future of Solidarity, together with Mary Ponomareva, Cihad Caner and Jay Tan. David is the founder of LIKE records and a key figure in the electronic music scene of Cologne. After lots of releases on his own label LIKE, Beats In Space, Dantze and Kompakt Records, there with his Projekt DAMH (which he is running with ADA), its no wonder David is touring all over the world and plays nearly every weekend at different spotsIn 2015  David's first USA tour finished with a Gig at the legendary Burning Man Festival in Nevada.

“In Music one of the first questions is always "In which tempo is the track?“. You can count this in Beats per Minute well known as the BPM. Musicians and Music Genres often define themselves over the Beats but for me Tempo is not much more than a number on a piece of paper. For sure it can give you a guiding value in which direction the track is going but at least you have a lot of music which fools the listeners with rhythm or melody elements about their true speed. It's also really interesting to play records in a different speed than they are to get unexpected moods and results for the listeners. The only way up is down and backwards.” David Hasert

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