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Studio XL: Philip Glass

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17:00 - 17:45
De Brakke Grond (G2 Panel Room) | Nes 45, Amsterdam

You know when people talk about grand finales, they mean the big thing that tops all the other stuff and makes the entirety of an event just that bit more memorable. And that's exactly what this session is, because Philip Glass is a total legend who is still as creative, inspired and inspiring as he ever was. So unsurprisingly we are utterly delighted that he agreed to take part in this session and give us an insight into his creative processes as well as also how he works, using mainly a piano and his formidable musical talents. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Philip Glass composed music for over 100 movies, documentaries and short films. He has been nominated for Golden Globe Awards and the Academy Awards a.k.a./ The Oscars. He worked together with the very best including David Bowie and Paul Simon.

Philip Glass (US)

ADE Festival Hangout is accessible only with the ADE Card (€10,-). Limited capacity, make sure to come early.

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