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Streaming Music, DJs, and the Future of Indie Labels

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15:15 - 16:15
DeLaMar Theater (D12 Panel Room) | Marnixstraat 402, Amsterdam

What impact will streaming music really have on DJs from a performance standpoint? With more and more streaming services like Pulselocker and Spotify being added to DJ software, when will this become widely accepted? And will the pros ever accept it? And digging deeper, what effects might it have on the dance music business? Despite the decline in paid-for downloads, it’s still a lot more financially lucrative for independent dance labels than streaming royalties. Are we approaching a new crisis for independent labels, or a new opportunity? Who will lead this change – will it be a small company that cares about the dance music business, or one of the major streaming services?

Luis Estrada (Aftercluv/Universal Music Latin Entertainment, US)
Managing Director

Mark Brown (CR 2 Records, GB)

Simon Kellman (Dailymotion, US)
Global Head of Music

Sulinna Ong (Deezer, GB)
VP of Artist Marketing

Moderator: Joe Muggs (GB)

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