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Open Call: Origami Tessellation Shadowplay 2.0 (Installation)

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15:00 - 23:00
NDSM | Tt. Neveritaweg 15, Amsterdam

The Origami Tessellation Shadowplay 2.0 by Manuel Rodrigues, Bas Bron, Tiago Frois.

The Origami Tessellation Shadowplay 2.0 researches the relation between the 3 dimensional representation of a physical form and its 2 dimensional representation in a silhouette or shadow created by light. The design of the origami sculpture suggests a 3 dimensional form but in the negative space it does exactly the opposite.

The design of the object is repetitive. This relates directly to one of the fundamental building blocks of (modern) music; Rhythm. Music is the prime motivator to reiterate the articulation of light and shadow on the sculpture. Using light, contrast is generated which articulates the sculptural form of the repetitive origami tessellation. By introducing color music generates a intricate moire shadowplay on the projection surface behind the sculpture.

The Origami Tessellation Shadowplay aims to make a translation in its purest form, transcending music from the auditory senses to the visual senses, without algorithmic programming. The Origami Tessellation Shadowplay is visual music. It’s about rendering the sensitivity and tactility of each musical note played, translated into light, in real time.  

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