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Open Call: Fluid Resonance (Installation)

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12:00 - 19:00
De Brakke Grond (Hallway) | Nes 45, Amsterdam

FLUID RESONANCE by Ricky van Broekhoven

Fluid Resonance is an audiovisual synthesizer, the first of it’s kind. It’s inspired by the Theremin, a classic electronic instruments that is played by manipulating electromagnetic fields. Fluid Resonance has sensors which measure proximity for shaping it’s sound. It makes this sound energy visible by using it to engage a bassin with a dark thick liquid that is as reflective as a mirror. A circular light is suspended above the bassin. The sound is magically refracting the reflections of this light as unearthly fountains and intricate patterns are appearing on the surface.

ADE Festival Hangout is accessible only with the ADE Card (€10,-). Limited capacity, make sure to come early.

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ADE Card holders will receive free entrance.

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