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ADE Sound Lab Presents:

Open Call Exhibitions: New & Emerging Instruments

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12:00 - 19:00 | Free entrance for ADE Card holders (limited)
ADE Festival Hangout | Nes 45, Amsterdam

FLUID RESONANCE by Ricky van Broekhoven
Fluid Resonance is an audiovisual synthesizer, the first of it’s kind. It’s inspired by the Theremin, a classic electronic instrument that is played by manipulating electromagnetic fields. Fluid Resonance has sensors which measure proximity for shaping its sound. It makes this sound energy visible by using it to engage a basin with a dark thick liquid that is as reflective as a mirror. A circular light is suspended above the basin. The sound is magically refracting the reflections of this light as unearthly fountains and intricate patterns are appearing on the surface.

MAYHEM MACHINE by Marieke Verbiesen
Mayhem Machine is an interactive instrument that produces synchronised sound, light and animation compositions, controlled by the audience via a custom-made interface. The installation features instruments that can be used to control a symbiotic set of animations and sounds and offers tools to further enhance the audiovisual compositions made by its users.

THE ORIGAMI TESSELLATION SHADOWPLAY 2.0 by Manuel Rodrigues, Bas Bron, Tiago Frois.
The Origami Tessellation Shadowplay 2.0 researches the relation between the 3-dimensional representation of a physical form and its 2-dimensional representation in a silhouette or shadow created by light. The design of the origami sculpture suggests a 3-dimensional form but in the negative space, it does exactly the opposite.

QUARTET by Duncan Gidney 
Quartet is a data-driven musical instrument, one that makes the hidden sounds of the city audible. Using four sensors to pluck four different strings, Quartet bridges the analog and the digital, creating an ambient symphony reflecting the activity of the space around it, and inviting people to participate by triggering different sensors and hearing their response in real time.

THE TIMETOSSER by Oscar van Wingen and Tim Walther
The Timetosser is a new kind of live performance tool for DJs and musicians.
It allows the user to repeat parts and even completely re-sequence the audio signal connected to its input. Because this input can come from any source, it means the Timetosser integrates well in any situation. Use it in a DJ-setup, in the studio or on stage in a live set.

SINGULARITY by Zalán Szakács, Arvid Jense, Joep le Blanc
Pushing the limits of Transfiguratio and OWOW, we propose “Singularity”; an audiovisual performance instrument and interactive installation. Singularity is an installation that allows for expressive, real-time performance in both sound and visuals combined. The instrument itself gives the artist 360 degrees of control over their body. Each quadrant of the instrument features different controls, all of them can be controlled by waving motions above the instrument.

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