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Monetizing The Remix – What Does It Mean?

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15:00 - 15:45
Melkweg (M6 Panel Room) | Lijnbaansgracht 234A, Amsterdam

Monetizing the remix – what does it mean?

Remixes have always been a core part of what hip-hop, bass and beats culture is about, from mixtapes to mash-ups, from soundsystems to SoundCloud, pushing forward the music relentlessly. Right clearance start-up Dubset operating from San Fransisco, is now working to make the remix part of the official music industry infrastructure by creating the possibility to monetize remixes. Dubset indexes the master recordings of a remix and makes it possible for rights holders to be compensated even if just a short snippet of their song is used in a DJ set or remix.

Recently Sony Music Entertainment became the first major record label to allow its music to be monetized through unofficial mixes thanks to a deal with Dubset. At ADE Beats CEO Stephen White explains why and how his company is taking the remix out of the grey area. In his keynote he will shortly demo his product and platform before engaging in an interactive Q&A on the consequences of this development for the music business and industry as a whole, new business opportunities and the evolution of remix and DJ culture and monetising music, mash-ups and remixes online.

Stephen White (Dubset, US)

Moderator: Pay Kolmus (NL)

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