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Lecture: Breaking Down The Wall: Entering the Chinese underground scenes by Merlijn Poolman

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15:15 - 15:30
ADE China Conference | VondelCS, Vondelpark 3, Amsterdam

In 2014 Merlijn Poolman read an VICE Magazine article about a nightclub under a villa in Shanghai where underground dance music was being played and total freedom was being experienced among the visitors and crew of this location. It was called The Mansion and the organisation was just about to organise the first edition of YinYang Music Festival on the Great Wall of China. This article and the interaction that started with just a facebook-message lead to a collaboration between Holland and China of which dozens of artists from all over the world could benefit of. By smoothening the way for them into China it took away a lot of the fears that artists have of coming there for the first time. Merlijn will explain about difficulties, what’s to gain and why you should go to China now with your artists before the rest of the world totally discovers it too!

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