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17:00 - 17:30
DeLaMar Theater (D5 Panel Room) | Marnixstraat 402, Amsterdam

Healthy has become the new cool. People want to live longer happier lives than ever before. In the words of Dizzee Rascal when talking about Calvin Harris - “He dont smoke. Don’t drink. Don’t do nothing. Just super on it, super focused.” How times of the Superstar DJ have changed. We are also going through a global transition where wellness is now a $3.72 trillion dollar global industry. Add in to the mix that the UK is the sixth fattest nation on earth and more than a quarter of the population is obese. There must be a way to join the dots?

Research for years has demonstrated that exercise and music are inextricably linked and how music changes the body and mind during physical exertion. Music distracts people from fatigue, elevates mood and reduces perceived effort. What if music jumped into the wellness game? Could music be used as a tool to seriously make a positive difference to peoples lives - reducing obesity rates and building healthier nations?

Enter DJ Rob da Bank and Ex Olympic Athlete Tim Weeks. Two worlds on paper that shouldn’t mix. But these two creatives wanted to play and see what they could do. Tim and Robby threw some bikes in a disused tractor shed at the top of Bestival in 2015 and asked some DJs to play. It wasn’t a spin class. It was an intimate LIVE underground music event… on bikes. It was tested again this year at Bestival. 6000 people passed through the doors of a circus tent with 40 bikes in with LIVE DJs playing - people left grinning feeling inspired. It was a roadblock. LOOP had arrived and so had an unexpected exciting wellness project. Music IS the answer…

Rob da Bank (Bestival, GB)
Music Broadcaster / Curator

Tim Weeks (TimWeeks, GB)

Moderator: Miranda Sawyer (The Culture Show / BBC, GB)

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