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Designing Out Waste: How To Become A Circular Festival Presented by DGTL

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14:00 - 15:00
DeLaMar Theater (D8 Panel Room) | Marnixstraat 402, Amsterdam

People all over the world are embracing the principles of the circular economy and developing new ways to manage resources. The idea that every consumer needs to own each product, use it and then, discard it as waste without a second thought is no longer viable. Given that waste is becoming a bigger environmental and health threat every day, we need to rethink how we use and design products, because nature does not create waste, we do.

Festivals are temporary cities whose organisers have started to look into how they can make the transition towards circular production in every area.  Beyond the music, organisers must provide infrastructure and facilities including energy, sanitation, catering, water, mobility, and waste management. Transitioning these mini-cities into sustainable events isn’t easy. Take for example the fact that the average  festival visitor generates up to 2,3 kg of waste per day (more than the average citizen).

How can we look beyond the current “take, make, dispose” mentality employed in festivals to design out waste? Where can we redefine products and services in order to minimise the negative impact of a festival? This panel will propose and discuss solutions for  identifying and redesigning materials to fit the needs of festival producers while also transitioning to a genuinely ‘circular’ festival.

Nadine Galle (Metabolic, NL)
Consultant & Researcher

Mikkel Sanders (Roskilde Festival, DK)
Sustainability Manager

Milan Meyberg (DGTL, NL)
Revolution Manager

Sophie Thomas (The Great recovery, GB)
Director of Circular Economy

Tijl Couzij (Lab Vlieland, NL)
Project manager

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