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Demopitch Session 2

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16:30 - 18:00
De Brakke Grond (G6 SABAM) | Nes 45, Amsterdam

At ADE Sound Lab we host two demopitch sessions a day. In the morning, young music producers can register at one of the music professionals. One demopitch session consists of ten music professionals. The producer will bring his own music/laptop and have ten minutes each to get professional advice about their track. The available music professionals will be Dutch and international artists, managers, agents, A&R managers and sound engineers.

Demopitches registration (limited capacity)

Between 10-12am there's an opportunity to claim a spot at the registration desk for the Demopitches with a professional of choice. The registration desk is located opposite ADE's ticketing & info desk at De Brakke Grond.

Please come early to secure your spot!

Chris Galvin (NI/Metapop, US)
Director Remix Platform

Chris Willis (US)

Gabi Kochlani (Speakereasy Music, US)
VP of A&R

Gert Beazar (Stavroz/Moodfamily, BE)

IJsbrand De Wilde (Stavroz/Moodfamily, BE)

Joran van Pol (NL)

A&R / Artist

Maxim Helincks (Stavroz/Moodfamily, BE)

Michel de Hey (EC Records & HEY! Records, NL)

Samira Hamid Sharifu (Boilerroom, NL)
Consultant / Programmer EU

ADE Festival Hangout is accessible only with the ADE Card (€10,-). Limited capacity, make sure to come early.

ADE Card Advantage

ADE Card holders will receive free entrance.

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