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Demolition Panel XXI

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18:15 - 20:00
De Brakke Grond (G2 Panel Room) | Nes 45, Amsterdam

Anyone who is really serious about making music has to, at some point face the truth, to ask the big question, the only one that truly counts: Are my tracks any good? And what better way to find out than by dropping your latest work into the Demolition Box, then coming along to the Demolition Panel on Saturday at ADE Sound Lab? Demolition is a panel of DJs, producers and music industry figures headed by legendary DJ Dave Clarke, who are ready to give you an honest appraisal of your work, and maybe even some tips as to how to improve what you're doing. So come on!

Don't be shy. Drop your CD or USB stick in the Demolition Demo box! (any time between 11.00-16.00 at the registration desk at Brakke Grond).

As Clarke says: “Although the title of the panel suggests explosive commentary you should see this as an opportunity to get support and great insight into your unsigned music by some of the top professionals in the field.''

The rules are that all demo's must be unsigned/unreleased original material from the artist themselves. All entries must be clearly titled with the artist name and track title, plus email address/contact details. If more than one track is on the demo please clearly indicate which track we should play to the panel. Last but not least, to participate you must be in the room. And good luck!

Dave Clarke (GB)

GoldFish (SA)

Louisahhh (US)

Martin Buttrich (DE)

Mike Mago (NL)

Niels Brands (NL)

Octave One (US)

ADE Festival Hangout is accessible only with the ADE Card (€10,-). Limited capacity, make sure to come early.

ADE Card Advantage

ADE Card holders will receive free entrance.

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