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Deep House Yoga ADE special

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09:00 - 22:00
Theater Amsterdam | Danzigerkade 5, Amsterdam

➡ What is Deep House Yoga

Yoga is a 5,000 year old tradition of body and mind.
Deep House comes from the urban clubs and has been established into the mainstream by artists like Booka Shade, Paul Kalkbrenner and Oliver Koletzki.

Deep House Yoga combines yoga and music to a new Lifestyle.
Holistic compound hottest sound and traditional sports ;
intoxicate body and revitalize the spirit.

➡ What they do

At our Deep House Yoga Events people come together to celebrate
body & mind. Theater Amsterdam is the play ground for 5 sense rituals, Asana and invigorating music.

The focus is on people. Deep House Yoga goes back to the
origins of yoga. Away from common rules towards the sense
of body and mind.

Everyone is welcome to join. There are no requirements or entry policies. It is not just about Yoga or Deep House Music. Its about
combining 5 senses to experience deep pleasure.

They created a lifestyle for people who love music, love movement, wants to be health with a daily awareness. Deep House Yoga will take you out of your everyday life onto a journey of breath, light, sound and movement.

They chose the Yoga to suit every body. Its challenging and you will
sweat-which is important to release toxins, but for sure you will
be able to “do” the Yoga without the need to be an athlete or a
super bendy Yogi.

➡ The Deep House Yoga Promise

You will detox your body and mind and find peace.
The practice is well created to work your whole body while
having fun. The sound and light is fitted to the sequencing and will support every aspect and focus of the class. It is a unique experience and the start of a world wide community.

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