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Cultural Exchange: How to strengthen the cultural ties between China, The Netherlands and the rest of the Western world?

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15:30 - 16:10
ADE China Conference | VondelCS, Vondelpark 3, Amsterdam

China is one of the 3 priority countries of Dutch Music Export. However, besides the more commercial EDM movement, The Netherlands has not build up a structural base for Dutch artists to develop a market in China despite all hard efforts. On the other hand China is looking for ways to expand it’s culture to Europe and the Netherlands, but among Dutch and other Western people still widely regarded as a country with traditional culture only. This despite the current situation in which the Chinese dance scene is making big steps forward nowadays.

How to enhance cultural ties between both countries and how other countries can do this is the main topic of this discussion panel and what both countries can learn from each other.

Menno van der Meulen (NL)

Tommy Hendriks (NL)
YinYang Muisc Festival Organiser & Co-founder

Xuefei Knoester-Cao (GCI, NL)

Moderator: Merlijn Poolman

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