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Bridging The Wall: Western artists in China, Chinese artists in the West Hosted by Mai Ai

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18:30 - 19:30
CHIN CHIN CLUB | Rozengracht 133, Amsterdam

How to land a first gig on a different continent – and even more challenging – in a completely different cultural setting? How to build up a network in China, connect with local audiences and build up your own fan base? Over the past few years, new intercontinental dance music ties have been shaped between China and the West. Artists of this first wave of new exchange open up about the struggles and highlights of their interactions. They will discuss the troubles of bridging the Chinese firewall on the topic of Western and Eastern social media differences. Whereas Facebook, Soundcloud, Youtube, Instagram and many others are blocked, it is a serious issue for Chinese artists to gain a local following on international social media platforms. True cross-cultural pioneers found common ground in their love of music. Now they will share their experiences and explain their ability to adapt to new environments. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to hear from the people that walked the path and learn about their exciting next steps. Our panel location is the brand new Chin Chin Club. Swing by for a drink, some food or a great networking opportunity. Entrance is free of charge and open to all ADE delegates. Dance music professionals and enthusiasts without ADE wristband are also welcome, but keep in mind: seats are limited.

Moderator: Martin van de Velde

Free Entrance.

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