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Belgium vs Holland

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18:00 - 18:45 | Free entrance for ADE Card holders (limited)
ADE Festival Hangout | Nes 45, Amsterdam

When it comes to the dance floor, Belgium and Holland have been extraordinarily musically productive since the 80s, and both are still home to thriving local scenes and packed clubs. They are geographical neighbours but culturally very different, and both can claim to have played a major role in making dance culture as popular as it is today. But who started it? Belgians will tell you they did, and so will any Dutch person. So who is right and who gets to claims the bragging rights for having been first? Our panellists come from both countries and they're ready to debate the matter passionately. They will also be talking about how the respective scenes began, how they evolved and where they're heading now, as well as talking about how social media, marketing and strategy play their part in maintaining healthy and thriving club scenes.

Moderator: Robin Albers (Jaydee, BE)

G2 Panel Room

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