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An Inspired View on Events by Peter Decuypere (Holy Trinity Events, BE)

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11:00 - 12:00
Volkshotel (V1) | Wibautstraat 150 , Amsterdam

Peter Decuypere is the founding father of the world-renowned techno brands I love Techno and Fuse. After he sold his company, he has continued his passion as a marketing consultant for events such as Time Warp and WeCanDance. Peter is a lecturer in several event management courses at various university colleges. He’s also author of bestsellers such as We love Events (2015) and Holy Trinity Events (2017). Being a master of Philosophy, he looks at events from surprising and unexpected perspectives and he knows how to turn his insights into very inspiring keynotes. At ADE he will bring his 'Holy Trinity Events keynote' taking you from Daft Punk to Burning Man and from Radiohead to League of Legends.

Peter Decuypere (We Love Events, BE)

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