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13:00 - 17:00 | Free entrance
AIR | Amstelstraat 16, Amsterdam

You've worked days and nights to produce your track. But what's your plan now? How to make a hit? How to work on your promotion for a release? And what's your plan around a vinyl release? What's the difference between a label and Do It Yourself?  Marco Antonio Spaventi will tell everything about mixing and mastering. Bring your own music with you on a USB stick! Promotion expert Anna Oosterling (Get Your Act Together) describes the subjects around the promotion of your music. There is another panel about 'How To Release Your Track'. Iason Chronis (Mason) and Falco Benz will tell you about there stories. ADE Press & Impress ends with a demo panel with speakers Iason Chronis (Mason), Jonathan Teclemariam (Air) and Falco Benz. They will give feedback on the included tracks. 

Moderator of the day is Claire van der Hall (Claire PR)

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