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Spui25 Presents:

ADE: House, Dance and the Brain

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17:00 - 18:30 | Free entrance
Spui25 | Spui 25, Amsterdam

This is a free event, but you'll have to use the 'Buy Event Tickets' link to register.

Scientific research has proven dancing and listening to music to have positive effects on the brain. How and why these effects occur are questions to be explored at SPUI25 together with young researchers during the Amsterdam Dance Event, so you can enjoy dancing on electronic music even more!

Listening to music and chemical processes in our brain cannot be separated from each other. Many researchers are trying to understand the influence of music on our brain. Important aspects in research are the music itself, modeling the melodies, trying to predict positive or negative responses of the audience and whether or not listening to music and enjoying it, is nature or nurture. In the light of the Amsterdam Dance Event young researcher will be investigating the influence of house- and dance music on our brain. What happens in our brain when we dance to this music and why are some melodies and rhythms more catching than others?

About SPUI25
SPUI25 is an academic-cultural center located on Spui, Amsterdam’s literary square. As a vibrant forum, SPUI25 connects the academic world with the cultural sector in the broadest sense, as its events oscillate between science and imagination, fact and fiction. Almost daily, academics, writers, journalists, critics and creatives take the stage to discuss new findings in science and culture. At SPUI25, different perspectives intersect and produce new insights.

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