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25 Years Of Hardcore (Thunderdome)

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15:00 - 15:45
Tolhuistuin (T4 Concertzaal) | IJpromenade 2, Amsterdam

Its music has reached the ears of millions, its logo is inked on the skins of thousands and its story covers hundreds of pages. At the center of all this, one thing is for sure: Thunderdome equals hardcore. The legendary brand celebrates 25 years of existence, providing the perfect opportunity to retrospect together with some of its key figures. What were their highlights? And to what extent are Thunderdome and hardcore future-proof?

Frank Nitzinsky (The Outside Agency, NL)

Sebastian Hoff (Promo, NL)

Sefa Vlaarkamp (Sefa, NL)

Sietse van Daalen (Da Mouth of Madness, NL)
MC / Artist

Onno Schram (Journalist. NL)
Pim Dijkgraaf (Journalist, NL)

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