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17:00 - 17:45
Felix Meritis (F10 Panel Room) | Keizersgracht 324, Amsterdam

Ooooohh, that crackling sound as the needle hits the record, the smell of the vinyl, the feel and the sheer size of the sleeve. Oh how we love vinyl records! This year ADE Next has invited a group of DJs that are absolutely crazy about ‘em! So, whether you have a history of carrying those super-heavy record bags or you're an artist who recently decided to turn away from the digital world by choosing to play vinyl only, this panel is a must-see. We'll be exploring the reasons why DJs are so happy to make their lives harder (and their shoulders stronger) by carrying bags that can weigh up to 20 Kg, and as a bonus our guests will be bringing along some of their favourite records and sharing their tales of an analogue love affair!

Axel Boman (SE)
Swedish house music DJ and producer born in Stockholm.

Hito (JP)
Berlin-based electronic music artist and vinyl only DJ with a unique style and aesthetic.

San Proper (NL)
well-respected artist from the Amsterdam underground club scene.