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19/20/21/22/23 Oct 2016

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The Couching Sessions

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16:00 - 16:45
Felix Meritis (F10 Panel Room) | Keizersgracht 324, Amsterdam

As an artist you have a rockstar lifestyle, right? Flying around the world, playing your music in front of big audiences, life is just one long party. But is it really so much fun, and what happens when the party stops and you don't know how to live a normal life anymore? Thankfully for them and you, the topic of creative people suffering from mental and physical issues is no longer taboo, with more and more artists ‘coming out’ about the other, altogether uglier side of fame. Recently Idir, one half of Blasterjaxx, announced that he was going to stop touring and DJ-ing because it broke him. Now he’s the producer and his partner the performer. During the couching sessions, Idir will be having an in-depth conversation with life coach Esther van der Poel, a well-ness expert who works with a broad range of artists. While Esther and Idir are discussing the issues behind staying healthy and happy, the audience can jump in and ask questions. Then afterwards, you can hop on Esther's couch to talk about issues you’re having as an artist, or simply ask her what you can expect when you reach those giddy heights.

After the couching session with Idir, the couch will be moved to the F4 lounge where you can hop on and take advise from Esther!

Idir Makhlaf (Blasterjaxx, NL)
DJ / Producer

Esther van der Poel (Pacct, NL)
Coach and Consultant

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