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12:30 - 13:30
Felix Meritis (F10 Panel Room) | Keizersgracht 324, Amsterdam

DJ/producers with some or no previous experience of creating music for a primetime advert get the chance to show what they can do on a 60 second commercial from Grey Group, currently one of the hottest ad agencies in the world. Grey’s Josh Rabinowitz, who commissioned the music used on the real broadcast version of the ad, will lead a team of advertising industry experts as they listen to and comment on the work of the six novices. The panel will also be offering tips on composing for moving images, advice about how to get your work heard by music supervisors, whether or not you need the services of a specialist agent/manager, and emerging online opportunities.

Natasha Baldwin (Imagem, GB)
Group President, Creative & Marketing at Imagem Music Group

Daniel Cross (Record-Play, ES)
Founder and CEO of Record-Play.

Josh Rabinowitz (Grey Worldwide, US)
Josh Rabinowitz, Senior Vice President/Director of Music for the Grey Group, has been of one the most successful music executives in the advertising field for the past 15 years.

Jon Skinner (Music Gateway, GB)
Jon developed world's first global business platform with the aim of connecting talented like-minded people across the creative industries.

Keeno (Hospital Records, GB)
Quite simply one of the most exciting young producers to grace the world of drum & bass in recent years, William Keen aka Keeno, is a classically trained, multi-instrumentalist whose music transcends the dancefloor and enters the realms of cinematic beauty.

La Mverte (Budde Muisc, FR)
Though the Paris-bred producer cut his teeth playing bass in post-punk bands in high school, Berly has been focused on his solo project La Mverte in recent years.

Didier de Ruyter (Music Production Academy, NL)
Teacher of music production at Music Production Academy Rotterdam and composer for various projects such as comedy shows, advertisements and brand movies.

Underlord (A L T R, GB)
Heavily supported by Carl Cox & Laurent Garnier, Underlord was voted BBC Radio 1 Champion Sound & featured in Mixmag as a Hot 6 break through artist - "Full on peak time bangers for when you absolutely have to blow the doors off!" The prolific London based DJ/Producer/label boss runs the label ALTR & has personally written & produced over 81 tracks.

Moderator: Maartje Glas (Buma Cultuur, NL)