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19/20/21/22/23 Oct 2016

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RA Sessions: King Midas Sound and Fennesz (+Breakfast deal)

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14:15 - 14:30 | Free entrance
Cinema Café | Thorbeckeplein 16-18, Amsterdam

On Sunday Cinema Cafe will show you free film screenings which you can check out for free made by Resident Advisor. These are all recorded performances with standout live artists.

ADE breakfast deal: Fresh warm crescent roll + kaiser roll + hard boiled egg + slice of cheese + cup of jam or peanut butter + cup of butter for only 5 euros!


Sonic warfare from a singular collaboration. "As far as I'm concerned my perfectionism, or attempted perfectionism, in what we are trying to do live isn't just selfish ego," Kevin Martin, better known as The Bug and King Midas Sound, told us last year. "It's as much—more, actually—about me wanting to give an audience the best possible scenario, and to give them the most intense experience I can possibly deliver." Anyone who's seen Martin perform live in the last decade or so will know he's not kidding. For sheer teeth-gritting, trouser-flapping, sonic bombardment, there really isn't anyone like him. Martin draws inspiration from his experiences at dub soundclashes and concerts by groups like Swans, where the physical effects of sound on the body are as crucial as the tracks themselves. 

His King Midas Sound project, which features vocalists Kiki Hitomi and Roger Robinson, shows the dichotomy Martin creates between his recorded music and his live shows. 2009's Waiting For You..., the group' first album, was a gorgeous blend of soul and dub that gently smoldered; the live show connected to the record, meanwhile, was a thrilling barrage of noise and low-end. The group returned earlier this year armed with a concept: they planned to release four albums, each in collaboration with a guest musician, beginning with the esteemed Austrian artist Fennesz. Edition 1 took the group's sound to an alien place, a dense environment based on drifting vocals and kaleidoscopic soundscapes. As the group began to perform live across Europe this autumn, the record's latent force was inevitably brought to bear. 

For their RA Session, we set up at Bloc's venue in East London to give Martin and co the sonic headroom they'd need to let loose. They laid down a potent three-track set that captures the King Midas Sound experience, from apocalyptic torch songs to portentous drones and back again.

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