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RA Sessions: Jessy Lanza

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13:30 - 13:45 | Free entrance
Cinema Café | Thorbeckeplein 16-18, Amsterdam

The much-loved Canadian artist performs her new single. In March 2014, Jessy Lanza took the stage at Elysium in Austin for RA's showcase at SXSW. At this point in time she was gaining momentum. She'd released Pull My Hair Back, her debut album, about six months earlier, and the record was still gaining new fans. There was also a buzz around her live performances. Lanza was using a simple setup to faithfully translate the album's silky dance and R&B tracks to the stage, her tight but expressive vocals leaving a deep impression on those who saw her. But what was most striking was how fresh Lanza sounded—her songwriting was straightforward and fairly traditional, but it didn't feel like there was anyone else out there quite like her. 

Two years later, Lanza has continued to ascend. A run of collaborations has expanded on her sound and kept her creatively bubbling. She worked with Morgan Geist as The Galleria, releasing a pair of breezy freestyle tracks that we rated among last year's best singles. She appeared on the latest Caribou album, Our Love, and wrote a sumptuous slow jam with the footwork artists DJ Spinn and Taso. Jeremy Greenspan from Junior Boys has remained a key collaborator—he worked with Lanza on Pull My Hair Back and joined her again in the studio again for its follow-up. The pair clearly have a good thing going. Oh No, which comes out on Hyperdub in May, is another inspired record, its ten tracks breaking fresh ground for Lanza while retaining her arresting melodies and hooks. At the beginning of an extensive tour with Junior Boys, we invited Lanza and the drummer Tori Tizzard down to our London HQ to perform "It Means I Love You," a track that bounces with the energy of Shangaan electro.

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