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19/20/21/22/23 Oct 2016

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RA Sessions: Jacques Greene '1 4 Me' (+Breakfast deal)

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10:45 - 11:00 | Free entrance
Cinema Café | Thorbeckeplein 16-18, Amsterdam

On Sunday Cinema Cafe will show you free film screenings which you can check out for free made by Resident Advisor. These are all recorded performances with standout live artists.

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The Canadian artist gives us a flavour of the live set that's been making waves. On a mild evening this past April, at St John's church in Hackney, London, we saw Jacques Greene take his career to a next level. The show was double billing with the Young Turks artist Koreless, and it was the first time Greene had performed his new live show. At this point Greene had been bubbling along nicely for the past few years, releasing emotionally charged bass and house music on labels like LuckyMe, UNO and 3024, but it wasn't a given that he could pull off a sold-out headline performance for 1000 people. On the night, it took all of one track to disprove this notion. Greene's simple, emotive synth lines and shuffling drum patterns had the audience rapt. Tracks like "No Excuse" and "On Your Side" took on a stadium-sized quality, something you probably wouldn't have guessed from listening to them at home. When Greene took the mic to thank the crowd, he was visibly moved by the response to his set. Tonight in London, Greene will reprise the performance with another headline eventalongside Koreless, at the Roundhouse in Camden. Ahead of the show, we invited Greene to our London HQ to perform "1 4 Me," the standout track from After Life, After Party, his forthcoming EP for LuckyMe.

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ADE Card 2016

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