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RA Sessions: Frank Wiedemann (Âme)

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13:15 - 13:30 | Free entrance
Cinema Café | Thorbeckeplein 16-18, Amsterdam

Innervisions' production powerhouse plays live in our Berlin office. Part of what makes Innervisions so unstoppable is the division of labor within its core trio: Dixon, Kristian Beyer and Frank Wiedemann. Roughly speaking, Dixon and Beyer are the tastemakers, choosing the label's releases and DJing under its banner around the world. Wiedemann, meanwhile, is the resident musician, responsible for the colorful pop influence that's central to Innervisions' sound. Together he and Beyer are Âme, but over the years their roles have become ever more separate. They used to DJ back-to-back, but now Beyer is the duo's sole DJ and Wiedemann its live act. When they share the studio, Beyer is the producer—it's Wiedemann who dreams up the soaring melodies and grandiose emotions that bring their slinky rhythms to life. "I call it song-orientated club music," he told us last summer. "It's not tracks—it's songs." That seems truer than ever in light of Howling, Wiedemann's pop duo with the LA vocalist Ry X, whose debut album, Sacred Ground, came out last year on Monkeytown and Counter Records. But if the brooding ballads of that LP seemed to signal a less club-oriented direction for Wiedemann, Moorthon, his most recent solo effort, did just the opposite, delivering two cuts of vivid house firmly in the Innervisions tradition. Earlier this month, Wiedemann stopped by our office in Berlin to deliver a "special version" of that record's A-side, "Moorthon II."

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