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19/20/21/22/23 Oct 2016

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RA Sessions: Dresvn (+Breakfast deal)

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12:15 - 12:30 | Free entrance
Cinema Café | Thorbeckeplein 16-18, Amsterdam

On Sunday Cinema Cafe will show you free film screenings which you can check out for free made by Resident Advisor. These are all recorded performances with standout live artists.

ADE breakfast deal: Fresh warm crescent roll + kaiser roll + hard boiled egg + slice of cheese + cup of jam or peanut butter + cup of butter for only 5 euros!


Floaty techno from Dynamo Dreesen and SVN, a singular Berlin duo. Musically and personally, Dynamo Dreesen and SVN are an interesting pair. Both run labels devoted to what could be described as dance music—SVN does SUED (together with SW) and Andreas Krumm is the man behind Acido Records (both are former labels of the month on RA). But neither much cares for club culture, or at least not club culture as most people understand it. To Krumm, the swampy, unmixable A-side of PG Sound's first record on SUED was a "party killer." SVN, when asked about his best clubbing memories from early '90s Berlin, described a punk show where bikers rode their motorcycles up to the bar. 

Still, both have devoted themselves to making music that, for the most part, sounds like house and techno. Night after night, they're in SVN's studio, a small room in Berlin's Neues Deutschland building that's packed with synths, drum machines, tape recorders and all manner of other hardware, much of it old and battered. They spend hours recording loops to tape and layering them over each other, slowly shaping winding, oddball grooves. The results are unconventional but by no means esoteric—even in its strangest moments, Dresvn's music is rhythmic, hypnotic and even euphoric. This is dance music for a scene that doesn't exist. For their RA Sessions, Krumm and SVN lugged a van-load of gear into the RA office to deliver what might be the dreamiest piece of music they've ever made together—a long, drifting cut that, like most of their music, has no title.

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ADE Card 2016

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