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RA Sessions: Audion

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12:00 - 12:15 | Free entrance
Cinema Café | Thorbeckeplein 16-18, Amsterdam

Live and improvised techno from Matthew Dear, one of the genre's most multi-faceted artists. For an artist who came up in Detroit's house and techno scene, Matthew Dear has a complicated relationship with dance music. Even as he built his name on bangers like "Hands Up For Detroit," his 1999 debut, and "Mouth To Mouth," his 2006 floor-filler as Audion, he devoted himself to escaping the functionalism of club music. First, there was Ghostly International, a stronghold of freeform electronic music he co-founded with Sam Valenti IV (along with its clubby sub-label, Spectral Sound). Then there were his albums as Matthew Dear, which revealed him as an electronic singer-songwriter. While his peers DJ'd or played live with laptops, Dear fronted a band, clutching a mic, shaking a tambourine and crooning like David Bowie. He looked and sounded so natural doing it that you might have thought he'd outgrown dance music. But in fact, his ravey alter-ego, Audion, was always alive and well. After a string of EPs over the last few years, Audion returned in force this June with Alpha, the project's first full-length since 2005's Suckfish. For this RA Sessions, Dear showed us where Audion is at today with a live 13-minute improvisation.

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